Cobra has been making outstanding woods for the last decade. Having had two Cobra F7 woods and a Hybrid for the last 4 years I've been intrigued of the idea of putting a Cobra Driver in the bag. You see big hitters like Bryson winning a major and dominating events with the equipment. YouTuber Rick Shields who can play anything has been playing an F9 and now Speedzone Xtreme the last couple of years. Playing a mixed bag with mostly PING Drivers was now the time to make a change. Well the The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Pars & Stripes Limited Edition was sexy enough to give it a try.

So a little bit about me. I'm not a big hitter. Not planning to enter any long drive contests in the near future. The Draw basis of the G400 SFT has made my drives rather predictable. My goal when I step foot onto the tee is to play my shot and hit the fairway. I typically play what I call a "Strong Fade." Some would call it a slice, but to me if it starts left rough and lands middle fairway it's a "Strong or Power Fade." The problem with this shot is I lose anywhere from 30-50 yards off the tee and I'm usually hitting long iron or wood on my second shot. How can I straighten this out and get more consistent distance. Take lessons? Sure. But buying new clubs is what stubborn people like myself do.

So enter the Pars & Stripes Xtreme. I've been watching this club since it was released in July for what was supposed to be just in time for the US OPEN. What makes it such a good proposition, besides the paint job (which we would say was made speaking directly to the Modern Golf Shop brand,) but it's the shaft. Sporting a Fujikura Ventus Blue shaft with Velocore this is a major upgrade over the stock Speedzone. Not to mention I found it on sale for $200 off MSRP the last week of September. Putting a new club in the bag is a big step for me. I love buying new equipment but like any good golf nut I develop a personal relationship with my clubs. Love or hate them they are mine...until they aren't. Nevertheless it's always a difficult decision to retire a club. So I took my new driver to the range with caution.

Having been fitted for a Cobra Driver in the past I knew the setup was correct. It was a windy day so I didn't put a ton of stock into the distance. The range session was mostly about feel. Does this club feel right to me. The answer is yes. I played with a handful of settings on the hosel and settled on a +1.0 Draw playing at 11.5. This closes the face enough to keep the dreaded slice at bay when I get lazy on the swing. Overall the "Strong Fade" has been reduced to more of a true fade. Distance hasn't improved a ton but I'm noticing a ton more consistency according in the few rounds I've played. It may be the honeymoon stage but I think this things a winner.